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About us

Partner Innobase to provide a solution that's comfortable for your concerns
“Fast and accurate, rich technology and experience, "Innobase"

Founded in 2015, Innobase aims to become a leader in the 4th technology industry revolution, focusing on hardware and software

integration solutions and precision parts businesses in the IoT field. 

In the ICT Business areas, starting with the development of real-time temperature and humidity measurement Device

using wireless communication,

we have developed a wireless communication location tracking Device for vehicles that can check the movement data

(moving path, vibration, temperature and humidity)of transport vehicles of logistics companies in real time

and domestic large logistics companies are operating.

In the Precision Business areas, focuses on the production of display parts inspection equipment and lens barrels

for ultra-precision processing lenses.

Innobase will do its best to realize customer satisfaction through the realization of excellent products

and better services based on the innovative technology development of the 4th industrial revolution.

Company name                                  Innobase 
CEO                                                           Andrew Jeon
Main business                                      ICT technology products, Precision parts
Address                                                   HQ - E203,205,206, Soonchunhyang-ro 22, Asan-si, 31538, Korea
                                                                     Branch - 816, Dongbu-daero, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, 18487, Korea
Date of establishment                     July 2015
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