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innobase  Basic Combination
The logo of innobase is the most representative visual element that symbolizes innobase.
You cannot modify the logo arbitrarily, and you must always apply the logo version that fits your design.
The standard, shape and color of the logo cannot be modified.
Space regulation
The logo must secure sufficient clear space according to the space regulations.
Color regulation

PANTONE   368C        HEX/HTML  8BC53F   

 RGB   139 197 63        CMYK   51 0 99 0

PANTONE   4150C       HEX/HTML  1B75BB   

 RGB   27  117 187        CMYK   85  50  0  0

PANTONE   4278C       HEX/HTML  808184

 RGB   128 123 132       CMYK   52  43  41  7


Gray    K35

Gray    K62

Gray    K49

As a representative element to express innobase, in principle, it should be used on a white background.
It cannot be used other than black and white media.


tegg series (english ver.)

Hicos&tegg (english ver.)